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If your music is not addicting, it's not working.
If your music is not addicting, it's not working.

All music compositions are original and cleared for all media usage and world wide licensing.

Music Composition
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Genuine music collaborates with studios and talent from around the world focused on delivering content to the North American and South East Asian region with a network of studios located in the USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam. THE GENUINE NETWORK enables us to use cutting edge cloud base applications to do real time audio production around the globe fast and effect making us extremely nimble.

Music Collaboration
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Using music to bring emotions and tell the story in a musical form. From classical to contemporary our composers will make you cry, laugh and scare you with simple perfectly placed musical scores.

Film Scoring
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The fine line between sound effects and sound design. At Genuine music we believe that sound design carefully shaped to work in harmony with music will have ultimate impact.

Sound Design
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