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Film Scoring

Using music to bring emotions and tell the story in a musical form. From classical to contemporary our composers will make you cry, laugh and scare you with simple perfectly placed musical scores.

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Music Composition

All music compositions

are original and cleared for

all media usage and world

wide licensing.

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 Sound Design

The fine line between sound effects and sound design. At Genuine music we believe that sound design carefully shaped to work in harmony with music will have ultimate impact.

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Mazda Sibling Rivalry
Yamaha MT 15
Boehringer Ingelheim
Wendy’s 2 for $5

Our Work


If your music is not addicting, it's not working.

At Genuine Music we understand the science behind creating the kind of music people emotionally crave. Why is that important? Because music gets processed by the nucleus accumbens. That’s the part of the brain that releases the pleasure chemical dopamine during sex, eating, and thrill rides. It also drives addictive behavior. It’s why thoughtfully composed music can create feelings of joy, unity, sadness, melancholia, bliss and aggression.

If you’re looking to work with talented composers, musicians and engineers who understand music and sound design, contact us. We’d love to help you get people addicted to your next movie, commercial or video.

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Our Clients


Contact Us

John Ferreira 


+1312 213-0220


Ham Suev 


Genuine Music

210 N Wells Street Chicago IL 60606

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